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Yielding to Art at The Met

Celebrating the wealth of art on view in The Met's galleries while honoring the lively activity behind the scenes

Visitors to the Museum encounter a grand and sprawling edifice that brims with 5,000 years of magnificent art. Some galleries are popular and crowded, while others are calm and serene, offering a space for contemplation and escape. You never know what you might find around the next corner.

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Stopping to take a good look at some ancient Greek black-figure vessels in the Greek and Roman galleries

In this complex and cultured setting it can be hard for visitors to grasp the sheer amount of daily human effort that goes into moving, installing, maintaining, and storing The Met’s vast art collection, which houses great treasures from every corner of the world.

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Installing “The Struggle of the Two Natures in Man” by George Grey Barnard (marble, 1888) in the American Wing

Yet, every day, behind the scenes, priceless works of art are moving around The Met, through a labyrinth of corridors and passageways. As this precious traffic travels to and fro, from storage to conservation and from loading bays to exhibition galleries, bright yellow signs (below) remind staff who and what is most important, and who has right-of-way.


In the labyrinthine corridors behind the scenes at The Met, staff are encouraged to yield to the art

Do you yield to art? We do! Please join us. Stop, look, learn, contemplate, be inspired, gain insight, be intrigued, and find delight and solace in art, wherever you encounter it.

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