Joan of Arc (detail). Jules Bastien-Lepage (French, Damvillers 1848–1884 Paris). Oil on canvas; 100” x 110”. Gift of Erwin Davis, 1889 (89.21.1)
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The Art of Sustainability

Read on for a few tips that will make your life a bit more environmentally sustainable—and artful, too

With frosty winter months come greater energy needs. And while we’re not suggesting you turn off the heat altogether, it’s still possible to lower your carbon footprint this season and play your part in preserving our planet. Below, you’ll find a few Met Store products that can help with some simple adjustments to make your daily life a bit more sustainable. 

Grow indoor plants.

Get yourself started growing plants indoors in an art-inspired way. As small as it may seem, your mini garden can contribute to fighting the effects of climate change, as most houseplants help offset carbon emissions and clean the air. 


Replace wasteful paper towels. 

While paper towels are daily necessities for many households, their short fibers make them non-recyclable, and used ones go straight into landfills. To help save more trees, consider reducing your usage in the kitchen and swapping in reusable cloth towels. 


Travel with your own tumblers.

Sipping a cup of coffee is a staple of most people’s morning routines. Instead of getting a single-use cup every time, eco-conscious coffee drinkers enjoy their drinks in reusable containers. To cater to this earth-friendly cause, we offer reusable receptacles for both hot and cold drinks.

Left: Met Logo Mug with Straw (visit The Met Store at 1000 Fifth Avenue to purchase). Right: Met Logo Tumbler


Remember to bring your reusable bags.

Plastic bags are difficult to recycle. Many states and countries have passed laws restricting plastic bags, with New York State’s going into effect in March 2020. Having a reusable bag will not only help reduce your impact on the environment—it can also save you money. Here at The Met Store, you can find a variety of reusable totes that will add an artsy vibe to your next grocery run.


Left: Louis C. Tiffany Garden Landscape Tote. Center: Wave Pattern Folding Tote. Right: William Tote.


Stimulate your creativity on a sustainable medium.

It takes artists many, many sketches to arrive at a final masterpiece. Instead of throwing away outdated drafts, creative types can make a greener choice by sketching on a reusable art pad. Rather than ink and paint, you simply need water to draw on the eco-friendly Buddha Board, which guarantees you unlimited chances for worry-free drafting. The art will disappear as the water evaporates—allowing you to try your next idea afresh.


Click here to learn more about the green features of The Met Fifth Avenue.


  1. The article item is very good, art can be related with real life and environmental protection. I love the color of wave pattern folding tote.😄


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