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New Africa Shop at The Met

In a series of important exhibitions this fall, the Met celebrates African culture, history, and art across the centuries. From Egypt to the Congo, from South Africa to Angola, our galleries feature rarely seen masterpieces of sculpture, jewelry, photography, textiles, and more, reflecting over 4,000 years of artistry

To complement these acclaimed exhibitions, our new Africa Shop brims with beautiful objects by gifted artists and designers, past and present. From hand-carved ebony jewelry to lustrous raffia textiles, there is something for everyone.

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Aissa Dione’s skillful reworking of traditional colors and motifs is seen in her beautiful totes, clutches, scarves, and more

We have collaborated with Aissa Dione on a collection of distinctive raffia and cotton accessories (above), evoking the prestigious luxury cloths in the current special exhibition Kongo: Power and Majesty.  Ms. Dione is an award-winning textile designer based in Senegal. She is internationally celebrated for applying her talents to ancestral Mandjaque weaving, a time-honored technique passed down through generations.

The burnished glow of carved ebony, the dark tropical hardwood tree native to Africa, is seen in the shop in the form of handmade jewelry and storage vessels. These appealing pieces were made from ebony wood that was harvested in an eco-sustainable manner, and each is unique.


Ebony storage jars hand-carved by artisans living in Mozambique’s vast woodlands


Bold contemporary jewelry handmade in West Africa from natural materials; some pieces enhanced with gold

Also on offer are magnificent vintage kente and Kuba cloths. Among the highest expressions of African weaving artistry, elaborate kente cloths are identified with wealth and status in Ewe and Asante societies. The Kuba cloths are embellished in a range of sophisticated decorative patterns and techniques.

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Precious kente cloths from Ghana feature striking geometric patterns

Original works by noted contemporary artists, home accessories, baby gifts, books and maps, and much more can be found in our exclusive Africa Shop, located on the second floor of the Museum. Stop by to explore, or shop our related selections here.

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The Age of Exploration gets a nod with our fun globe ornaments

Find authoritative books about African art, textiles, masks, and other intriguing subjects

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