Sketch of a dog. New Kingdom, Dynasty 19–20. From Egypt, Upper Egypt, Thebes, Valley of the Kings, Davis excavations. Limestone, ink; W. 3 15/16 in.; ca. 1295–1070 B.C. Gift of Theodore M. Davis, 1914 (14.6.245)
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It turns out that artists find dogs as irresistible as the rest of us

Before there were dog memes, there was dog art. As you peruse The Met Store’s art-inspired pet accessories, join us on a tour of 5,000 years of pooches.

Mummy Mutt

Sacred animal mummy containing dog bones. Egyptian, Late Period–Roman Period. Dyed and undyed linen, animal remains, mummification materials; H. 11 in., W. 2 9/16 in., D. 3 15/16 in.; ca. 400 B.C.–100 A.D. Rogers Fund, 1913 (13.182.50)

Fetching in Ivory

Mechanical dog. New Kingdom, Dynasty 18. Ivory; 7 3/16 × 2 3/8 × 1 7/16 in.; ca. 1390–1353 B.C. Rogers Fund, 1940 (40.2.1)

Tail Chaser

Hunting dog. European. Wrought iron; 6 7/8 x 1 9/16 x 1 in. overall; 15th–16th century or later. The Cloisters Collection, 1955 (55.61.21)


Dog. Japanese, Edo period (1615–1868). Porcelain with overglaze enamels; H. 6 1/4 in. (15.9 cm); W. 6 1/4 in.; late 17th century. The Harry G. C. Packard Collection of Asian Art, Gift of Harry G. C. Packard, and Purchase, Fletcher, Rogers, Harris Brisbane Dick, and Louis V. Bell Funds, Joseph Pulitzer Bequest, and The Annenberg Fund Inc. Gift, 1975 (1975.268.529)

What the Hounds Found

Hunting Dogs with Dead Hare. Gustave Courbet (French, 1819–1877). Oil on canvas, 36 1/2 x 58 1/2 in., 1857. H. O. Havemeyer Collection, Gift of Horace Havemeyer, 1933 (33.77)

Pup Cup

Terracotta rhyton (vase for libations or drinking). Greek, South Italian, Apulian; Late Classical. Terracotta; red-figure; H. 7 1/16 in.; ca. 350–300 B.C. Rogers Fund, 1941 (41.162.249)

El Lindo Perro

Reclining dog. Mexico, Mesoamerica, Colima. Ceramic; H. 10 3/4 × W. 8 3/4 × D. 15 1/4 in.; 200 B.C.–A.D. 300. Gift of Joanne P. Pearson, in memory of Andrall E. Pearson, 2007 (2007.345.1)

The Met Store salutes all canine friends with a fetching selection of artful pet accessories, from leashes and collars to dog toys and bowls. Shop now.

Left: Hokusai Great Wave Dog Collar, $28. Right: William Dog Collar, $28


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    Agree with above comment only different subject: Would love to see small likeness of Fetching in Ivory for purchase at reasonable price for all interested at Museum Shop. Consider and keep me informed if possibility occurs.


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