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Today Is The Met’s Birthday: Celebrate with Us

HBD, MMA! Here’s to many more

On April 13, 1870, The Metropolitan Museum of Art came into formal existence, when the Legislature of the State of New York passed a charter establishing the institution.


Since that auspicious date, The Met has grown into one of the largest and most acclaimed museums in the world. We can think of many hundreds of reasons to celebrate today—but thought we’d start with a few below. Happy 149th birthday to The Met!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art. ca. 1894


150 Years of Exhibitions

The Fifth Avenue facade, 2004. Photograph: Anna-Marie Kellen


150 Years of Serving New Yorkers

An aerial view of the Museum and Central Park, facing northeast, ca. fall 1994


150 Years of Conservation

The Museum’s Gilders Shop, October 5, 1926


150 Years of Scholarship

Researchers in the Thomas J. Watson Library, 1982


150 Years of Leadership

Michelle Obama at the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the reopening of the American Wing, May 18, 2009. Photograph: Joe Coscia


150 Years of Joy

The Met’s Lunar New Year Festival to celebrate the Year of the Monkey, February 6, 2016. Photograph: Heather Johnson


150 Years of Beauty

The Great Hall, 1975


150 Years of Reproductions

Visitors at the Information Desk, 1921


  1. Author icon Renee Foubert-Spier

    The Met is a very special venue in a very special city for me, I don’t live in New York, not even in the United States, but I have visited the City two or three times a year for a long time. I’m proud to have been a member for more than 10 years and lastly, I have travelled more than once to see a special exhibition or the opening of new galleries .Thank you for enlarging my world.

  2. Author icon Barbara Grossman

    Congratulations to the Met and New York City who have changed the lives of many of us.
    It is deeply evident today when one can not enter the museum due to the C-19 virus…an emptiness
    pervades. Thank you for all the great things we get to see and experience in the most vital building
    in the city.

    PS. What is happening with ‘The Met at 150’ project?

  3. Author icon Elizabeth W Moser

    Happy Birthday dear Met!
    My first trip to NYC and the Met was in 1955 and I loved the experience then
    and continue to love NYC and the Met to this day. Had a great time last spring taking my granddaughter,
    age 20, for her second trip to NYC and the Met. (Yes, I was involved with her first trip also.)
    Times are very weird right now but looking forward to my trip to NYC and the Met for my 85th birthday
    in June if possible or certainly later this year.

  4. I love the Met! Happy Birthday and Congratulations!!!
    When I was growing up, I spent hours roaming through its galleries. This was a while ago–in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. For most of that time, statues of ancient Egypt stood across the main lobby from statues of Greece and Rome, and there were many fewer people attending than there are now. My father, a psychiatrist, had his office across from the Museum: 1008 5th Avenue–it isn’t there anymore; the building was torn down decades later. He would visit the Museum daily on his lunch break. Every Saturday, my mother and father would bring us, me and two of my brothers, to the city to go to the Museum while my father saw patients. I continued visiting the Met over the years. My brother ended up becoming a curator at the Met, and, so, for me the Museum has many personal connections. It is a national treasure and a place where human creativity and culture is celebrated, honored and shared with the community, the country and the world Thank You, and may this haven of beauty always be with us!

  5. Author icon Phyllis McCabe

    Happy, happy birthday, dear Met!
    My mother, who was born in 1912, used to tell me that her uncle Flory took her to the Met every Saturday when she was a young girl. I first visited the Met in 1978 via an Ulster County Art Association bus trip and my world opened up!
    May you have a lasting presence on future generations.

  6. Happy Birthday! We love the Met and hope to travel to help celebrate with you again once it’s safe in N Y. We’ve made arrangements for seven days in August. Here’s hoping.

  7. Author icon Marnie Pomeroy

    I used to visit the Met whenever I came to NYC while growing up; then when I lived there in my 20s; then to bring my children when coming to town; and more lately with my children and grandchildren (one of whom had a little accident in the Renaissance room!). It is as familiar and deeply loved as any home away from home could ever be. Now I am 88 years old and live across the border, and have to mostly rely on its publications, objects bought from the shop, and my beautiful memories to be in touch. But a dream is to visit again some day, even though in a wheelchair, and watch my teenage grandchildren discovering your treasures.


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