From left: Blinks #8 by Anita Thacher, $1,700; Greek Vase (Black) by Nino Longobardi, $350; The White & Black Set by Betty Woodman, $6,000
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Ode on Urns

At The Met Breuer, we’re celebrating the extraordinary “Vessel Orchestra” with a trio of vase-inspired fine-art prints

This summer, visitors to The Met Breuer have the chance to look at, listen to, and be amazed by Oliver Beers’s Vessel Orchestra. This multimedia installation turns hollow pieces from The Met collection—ranging from a 5,000-year-old storage jar from Iran to a 17th-century Qing dynasty vase to a sleekly erotic 1973 ceramic by Ettore Sottsass—into one single, astonishing musical instrument. 


Beers has created a way to literally listen to The Met collection: He has mounted ultrasensitive microphones within the vessels to amplify each one’s distinct, naturally occurring resonance, transforming the tones into musical notes from which beautiful compositions can be created. Featuring a program of evenings of guest artists performing with the vessels, this extraordinary celebration of synesthesia will be presented through August 11.


To enhance this groundbreaking event, The Met Breuer’s Lobby Store is proud to present three fine-art prints for sale from the archives of The Mezzanine Gallery at The Met Store. The prints—by Anita Thacher, Nino Longobardi, and Betty Woodman—offer different takes on the sinuous shapes of clay vessels, a source of inspiration from artists for millennia—and up to the present day.

Call 212-570-3767 for purchasing information.

Anita Thacher
Blinks #8,

Monotype on
Arches Cover White paper
Paper size: 30 x 22 in.

Published by
Van Deb Editions/Anita Thatcher

Price: $1,700 unframed

Anita Thacher is a New York-based artist known for her multimedia installation, film, video, public art and photographic works. Her art explores issues of perception often with natural and domestic themes. National and international exhibitions include the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, P.S. 1, Jeu de Paume, France, Velan, Italy, the New York Film Festival, The Sculpture Center and the John Michael Kohler Arts Center. Collections include the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Getty Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Berlin Arsenal and the French Film Archives. Her films have premiered at five New York Film Festivals and are distributed by the Museum of Modern Art, NY, the Berlin Arsenal, and Light Cone, Paris. Her film work was included in the Whitney Museum’s The American Century: Art and Culture 1950–1999 exhibition, 2000. The etchings made with VanDeb Editions are her first ventures into printmaking.

Betty Woodman
The White & Black Set, 2015

Woodcut, lithograph, collage and chine collé
Printed by Shark’s Ink
Paper size: 29 1/2 x 35 in.
Edition of 30

Published by
Shark’s Ink

Price: $6,000 unframed

Among the foremost contemporary American ceramists, Betty Woodman (1930-2018) has been inventing and re-inventing new and traditional forms, producing exuberant, brightly colored, and witty works since the early 1950s. During the Pattern and Decoration movement in the ’70s, her career gained the momentum it has had ever since. This was the year she invented one of her most acclaimed works, the Pillow Pitcher, in which she crafted a vessel out of a bulbous shape pinched at both ends like a pillow. She also produces painterly wall pieces and large-scale installations, platters, and, most enduringly, vases in an endless array of styles, ranging from human figures to eccentrically concocted, multi-sided Cubist abstractions. The artistic traditions of Italy and the Mediterranean region inform Woodman’s work, which is also marked by Chinese and Modernist influences, and the ebullience of her unbounded approach.

Nino Longobardi
Greek Vase (Black), 1990

Woodcut on
Magnani Pescia paper
Printed by Angelo Gabbianini, Italy
Paper size: 30½ x 22½ inches
Image size: 26½ x 14½ inches
Edition of 50

Published by
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Price: $350 unframed

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