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Seasonal Giving Is Merry & Bright at The Met Store

Thoughtful, beautiful, uncommon, memorable gifts. The Met Store unveils a one-stop shop with the perfect presents for all.

Our exclusive Holiday Emporium offers an abundance of artful gift ideas for everyone, from the fashionista to the Renaissance man.

For the Impressionistic, delight them with a Museum art reproduction, or encourage their own creativity with high-quality art supply kits made expressly for The Met Store.

resized Art supply

This large art set features Wheat Field with Cypresses (1889) by Vincent van Gogh

Resized Degas

They’ll love to puzzle out The Dance Class (1874) by Edgar Degas in 500 jigsaw pieces

Resized de Ribes

This new volume details the fashionable life and “Best-Dressed” style of Countess Jacqueline de Ribes

For the bibliophile, a lavish book from the Met is a cherished addition to their library; the Museum is widely celebrated as one of the world’s greatest art publishers.

New titles in 2015 cover a host of subjects, from the art of ancient Egypt’s Middle Kingdom and Africa’s Kongo to the West’s endless fascination with China.

Resized three graces

The Three Graces captures the beauty of a trio of Aphrodite’s handmaidens

For the aesthete, the Met’s sculpture reproductions of Museum treasures are admired for their wide-ranging subjects and masterful execution. These historic maps (below) have been adapted from the originals and are suitable for framing.

Resized map

This handsome re-creation shows a map of the world published about 1861

For the bold, we offer stunning jewelry and accessories in rich patterns and striking color combinations. Inspirations include the arts of India, North Africa, and Turkey.

necklace resized

The Berber Pendant Necklace presents a self-assured profile

Resized tulip vase

The Red Tulip Vase recalls beautiful Iznik pottery

Resized elephant shawl

Our oversize shawl celebrates the 1645 Deccan masterpiece, Sultan Muhammad ‘Adil Shah and Ikhlas Khan Riding an Elephant

For the cat lover, honor their fondness for felines with Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen’s charming illustrations and other cat-centric works.

Resized Cats

A mischievous cat by Steinlen cavorts across our exclusive kitchen set

Looking for something special? Explore our complete gift emporium here.

Resized mistletoe

Invite a holiday kiss with this silvery mistletoe ornament

Resized compass

Before the age of GPS, intrepid explorers relied on compasses like this one, an unusual gift idea

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